How do i change my PIN in Easypay Mobile Wallet?

Change PIN

Easypay provides two ways to change your PIN. If you are signed out/account has been blocked. Please follow the Recover Account Tutorial. Your PIN is a 6 digit or more number. Keep this safe because you will need it for almost every transaction on EasyPay.

Fig. 1

Step 1. Click More Button

Click the more button to reveal the left panel that contains the settings menu item. Click on settings and go to step 2.

Fig. 2

Step 2. Click Settings

Click the settings to bring the settings page that contains the option to change PIN.

Fig 3

Step 3. Click Change PIN

Click the change PIN.

Fig 4

Step 4. Enter New PIN

  • Old PIN – The first thing is to enter your old PIN that you are currently using.
  • New PIN – Enter your new PIN. YOur PIN is a 6 or more digit number that behaves as your password for account.
  • Confirm PIN – Repeat your new PIN and voila!

Next step is to log out and login again to confirm changes

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