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Mobile Wallet With EasyPay

Mobile Wallet – It takes hard work to earn. But all of that hard work should end there. The reality though, is that you have to put in a lot of work to spend money that is rightly yours.

Payment of bills, transfer of money to family and friends, making payments to business partners can cause a lot of headache.

This should not be so. Our world is developing very quick and the issues faced with sending money should be a thing of the past.

The Evolution of Money

Today, you can send money through your mobile device. You do not have to send cash. You do not have to go to a bank.

All thanks to mobile wallets. It’s simple. Using trusted and secure technology, a mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that allows you make payments, send money and carry out different transactions. You no longer have to pay with cash, cheque, or your credit card; you can just make use of your mobile phone.

You see, money has evolved from cash to mobile money.

With mobile money, you do not have to go through the stress of using money transfer companies. These companies charge their users a lot for transactions. But this shouldn’t be you. You can give yourself the convenience you need, and use a mobile wallet.

Mobile wallet gives you wonderful opportunities. However, there is a “but.” They are usually run by telecom companies. These companies happen to charge a lot even if it’s comparatively lower than money transfer companies.

A Solution

Things will be easier if a non-telecom company can handle mobile wallets. That will result in a lot of freedom.

That solution has been in existence since 2016. It’s called EasyPay.

EasyPay is a mobile wallet company that lets you send money to family, friends, acquaintances, and business partners without trouble.

When you use mobile wallets from telecom companies, you are restricted to sending money to others on the same network. With EasyPay, you can send money to people using different networks.

EasyPay lets you send money to family and friends in Uganda, even when you are outside the country. With EasyPay, the process is simple; so you don’t have to face the struggles of using a money transfer system.

EasyPay is for the Ugandan people, regardless the status, degree or literacy level. Using it is as easy as dialing the code *270*26#.

If you have a smartphone or access to the internet, you can also use the mobile application (Ios App, Android App) or the website to use the mobile wallet.

Being able to send money through a mobile wallet is absolutely cool. But it’s more than that with EasyPay.

The Gist

You can pay your bills using the EasyPay wallet. It lets you pay your bills conveniently from your mobile phone, without having to move an inch from your location.

You can pay for tickets using EasyPay too. People paid for the Joss Stone event in Kampala using the EasyPay mobile wallet. The whole process was taken care of. After payment, the only task left is to attend the event.

Life is about making things easier for others. EasyPay allows you to also contribute positively to the lives of others, as you can lend out money to them and even earn commissions while doing so. This way, people can borrow money securely and pay their bills. It’s guaranteed that you’ll receive your money back.

In this age of startups, it’s getting harder to get businesses off the ground. But crowdfunding is a great way to seek help and save your business. EasyPay lets you access micro-donations from people to keep your business idea and ambitions alive.

When your business is alive, up and running, you can also integrate EasyPay’s payment system into your business. With the EasyPay API, you can easily receive payments from people for your goods and services.

Convenience is the key to everything. As humans, one of the factors that pushes us to work and make impact on our world is the hope for a better life. A convenient life is the better life we all crave for.

EasyPay brings convenience to you, your family, friends, business partners and all of Uganda as a whole. It’s all down to the EasyPay wallet.