How do i become an Easypay merchant?

Types of Easypay Merchants;

There are two types of Easypay Merchants;

  • Featured Merchants – Featured Merchants give discounts when money is paid to them. An example can be a supermarket giving discount on all products. Featured Merchants are listed in the Easypay Merchant Screen.
  • Standard Merchants – These merchants are not featured because they offer no discount. However they earn commission on other services.

How do Merchants Earn Commission?

  1. Paying Bills – Merchants earn commission from every bill payment and the commission is received in real time.
  2. Withdrawal Services – Merchants that perform cash withdrawal services can also earn commission per transaction.
  3. Mobile Money Services -Merchants always earn commission on all Mobile Money IN and OUT transactions. Wanted to become a mobile money agent without the hustle? start with Easypay.
  4. Lending Money – Easypay features a very powerful Peer to Peer lending system that allows merchants to lend money for a small commission daily.
  5. Branding– the merchant will be given stickers of Easypay which will show visibility of their services to the customers.

To learn how merchants earn commissions, how do merchants earn commissions?

How do i become an Easypay Merchant?

For one to become an Easypay merchant, you have to have the required necessities;

  1. A valid National ID, LC letter or Trading license for registered companies, an LC letter for someone with no registered company.
  2. Two passport photos clearly showing all facial structures.
  3. Start up float of UGX 1,000,000 (one million shilling) which is to be banked. This will be added to your wallet for you to begin transacting.
  4. With all the above, you can then visit our office in Kampala, Kabalagala at Tirupati Mazima Mall 2nd floor, Room 181 for registration. Registration is free!


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