What is new in Easypay v3.6.2

Whats new in Easypay

We are incredibly excited to share with you some big news: The big update to Easypay is finally here for you!

So, what is new?

  1. Better and slicker UI (User Interface). The app has got a complete overhaul in looks and colors have been harmonized. It also feels and works faster.
  2. Introduced a modern chat with all the features you are already used to from other chats i.e Voice, Text, Video, Photos etc. We added also money transfer capabilities in chat. You can send money and a receipt is shown as part of chat. You also have the capability of requesting money all within chat. Give it a try you wont be disappointed.
  3. We have removed the mobile money deposit charge when depositing into your account.
  4. We have further reduced our money transfer charges to the lowest in the market. It honestly makes sense to transfer money using Easypay.
  5. We added customer care in chat. You can chat with our customer care like you would any other person…using voice, text, videos etc
  6. Group chats can be used to aggregate money and approval of disbursement is also managed by you or delegated member of group.

Now that, that is out of the way, Let us share some history to what caused this monumental shift from just “paying bills”.

Make no mistake, Easypay can still be used for paying bills and this has had its fair share of upgrade.

After a few years of operation, we noticed a pattern and it’s not exclusive to the Easypay Platform. Let us analyze what happens for money to be moved in the market today;

Traditional Way of transferring money

  1. User A contacts user B using (Chat or Phone call), requesting money for whatever. User A shares his/her mobile money phone number with user B.
  2. User B on agreeing, jumps on their mobile money menu and sends money to user A. During this time Person B may have to confirm if that mobile money name matches with user A.
  3. User B transfers, they usually send a screenshot to user A showing proof of transfer (using chat) or Call user A confirming if they received the money.
  4. User A has to then thank user B.

As you can see, the process can be condensed and simplified. Just create a chat software with money transfer capabilities. That is exactly what we decided to do.

The project was very ambitious but we are not strangers to challenges and for the convenience of our customers, we are willing to go the extra mile.

As we built the P2P chat, we realized group chats too could benefit from this. I mean, think of how saccos, wedding meeting, funeral funding happens…. People form group chats and aggregate funds for whatever causes this way.

The concept also fits in perfectly with how businesses operate today (B2C).

It is from the background above that we got Easypay to where it is now. In Plain terms, Easypay is a hybrid of chat (communication) and mobile money wallet(trade). It basically all boils down to that. Chats have become imperative in how we communicate today and money transfer dates back to the beginning of civilization.

So without further a due, here is the new look of Easypay. Also, you can get the app from this link How do i get the Easypay App?

Thank you for your time.