Best ways to protect your Easypay account from fraud.

No fraud

Though all the wallets are secure, but you never know about mischief. Its always good to go with precautions, prevent yourself from being broken. To do this, you don’t require huge knowledge and not even time. It just requires knowledge that you can easily earn.

While no one can totally prevent it, there are many things merchants/agents and Easypay users should know and can do to protect their Easypay accounts from fraud as discussed below;

  1. First and foremost, when registering for an Easypay account you are supposed to create a six digit pin to protect your account. And don’t make it ”123456”  or some thing easy to cope. You make your account vulnerable to any kind of fraud if you don ‘t protect access to it with a hard to guess password.

2. Check out your Easypay account statements regularly. Your vigilance is the first line of defense, watch your account statements for any unfamiliar transactions because the sooner you notice something out of the   ordinary and report it the better i.e call our customer support lines immediately ( 0705-630793 / 0787-297589 ).

3. Remember to always log out your account properly. You may not always remember to do so but try hard to log out whenever you use it on your phone or computer even if for a short while to avoid fraud.

4. Change your pin frequently. Ref .  Its tempting to use the same pin for a long time because it puts your Easypay account at a risk of hacking.  Yes that means your pin has to be some thing  stronger than ”111111” or ”111222”. Create complicated pins that are difficult to guess, do not use easily recognized pins like your date of birth etc..

5.  Make your phone safe. The fact that you use your smart phone to access your Easypay account and make transactions like paying utility bills  which is not bad, be sure to add a password to it so that no one can access your account in your absence.

6. Keep your Easypay account secure. To use your Easypay account, you need your phone number and a 6-digit pin. The login credential is your identity that allows your Easypay wallet to make transactions. So never share it with anyone and also try to keep your credential as much difficult as you can.

Taking the steps above helps more than you might think, for instance if you change your password/pin frequently you are no longer an easy target.