Account Blocked? Forgot PIN? How do i recover my account?

Fig. 1

Account Recovery

Sometimes you may forget your PIN or might get your account blocked for multiple failed logins. The process of recovery verifies you are the current account holder by verifying your email, phone and security question. The security question is what you selected when registering your account.

Since we are dealing with money, security is paramount thus this tedious process.

Step 1. Click Recover Button

Click the button as shown in Fig 1. This will begin the process of recovery.

Fig. 2

Step 2. Verify Email and Phone

  • Phone – Please enter the phone number.
  • Email – Please enter your email address used when you registered on the Easypay system.

If we verify your email,phone number exist and are bound to the same account. You will proceed to step 3. If not, please come to our offices with Valid ID and we shall reset your PIN.

Fig. 3

Step 3. Security Question

  • Security Question – Tap the security question picker and select the security question you chose when creating account.
  • Answer – Please enter the answer to the question you chose. This answer should match the one you set when creating the account.

If the security question you have chosen matches the answer you will proceed to step 4. If not, please come to our offices with Valid ID and we shall reset your PIN.

Fig. 4

Step 4. Phone Verification

This step involves verifying your phone number exists and is in your possession. In Easypay, your phone number is considered your account number. We need to verify it is your phone number. There are two ways of doing this;

We recommend starting with missed call and if that fails then you fall back to sms verification.

When you finish verifying your phone number an email containing pin reset link will be sent to your email address.


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  1. Cedrick

    It says my account already exists yet I have never used Easypay before.

    1. Easypay Moderator

      Please give us your phonenumber and email and we shall look into it

  2. So good with you Airtel Uganda. Keep with us providing your best network ever. Help out my old mum open up her blocked Airtel mobile money account. She messed up with a pin for more than 5 times. Her number is 0750404341. We are in a very remote area where there is no service center to help us. Thank you.

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