How do i view and withdraw my commissions?

How do i view and withdraw my commissions
How do i view and withdraw my commissions

Fig. 1

My Commissions

If you haven’t done so already, Get the Easypay App and Register for a free account.

In Easypay, you receive your commissions in real time and are free to withdraw them at any time.

  1. Tap the wallet button (first button) on the home screen to reveal the wallet menu.
  2. Tap the commissions menu item as shown in Fig 1.

easypay commissions withdraw
easypay commissions withdraw

Fig. 2

 The commissions screen is revealed showing detailed reports about how your earned each commission.

Tap the withdraw button to pull your commissions into your running balance and voila!

To learn how merchants earn commissions, how do merchants earn commissions?

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