Send Money using Easypay

What is Mobile Money? Mobile Money is a convenient way for customers to establish an electronic account and maintain a ā€˜stored valueā€™, accessible from their mobile phone, which can be used for a broad range of financial transactions. Mobile Money is a highly effective means of facilitating secure electronic transactions […]

Topup using our Easypay Official Agents

Fig. 1 Easypay Official Agents If you haven’t done so already, Get the Easypay AppĀ and Register for a free account. For all methods of topping up your wallet, checkĀ How do i topup / refill my account? The Easypay agent locator provides the nearest agents near you. It provides a panoramic […]

Sms Verification

Fig. 1 In order not to have bogus accounts. We use this verification process to ensure the phone number you have provided actually exists and is in your possession. This protects from people opening accounts using random phone numbers and ensures organic users. What is smsĀ verification? Basically, we send an […]