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What is Mobile Money?

Mobile Money is a convenient way for customers to establish an electronic account and maintain a ‘stored value’, accessible from their mobile phone, which can be used for a broad range of financial transactions. Mobile Money is a highly effective means of facilitating secure electronic transactions in both developed and developing markets.

Easypay provides mobile money internally and also integrates well with existing platforms like Airtel and MTN mobile money.

Benefits of Easypay Mobile Money?

  • Easypay charges the least, almost half of what existing platforms charge in transaction charges.
  • Easypay is not geographically limited and has its own inbuilt forex manager. In otherwords, you can remit moneyt from supported  country to supported country using the most up to date forex rates and at a lower cost. It is only enabled for supported countries. Members in unsupported countries can only send money and pay bills of supported countries. This helps the users in Diaspora pay bills and remit money to their home supported countries.
  • Easypay mobile money is stable, secure and fast.

With this versatile, scalable solution in place, service providers can offer a broad spectrum of smart and practical branded services such as merchant purchases, remittance, bill payments and more. They will also be supported by comprehensive real time statements.

Benefits to Merchants:

  • Attract new customers and extend market reach.
  • Unlock new revenue streams.
  • Enhance end-user experience with more value-added services.
  • Lower cash-distribution expenses.
  • Accumulate customer data.

Benefits to customers:

  • Gain access to convenient and secure mobile financial services
  • Greater ease of use – no need to carry cards or cash
  • Reduced risk and cost of holding cash

Fig. 1

Sending Money

If you haven’t done so already, Get the Easypay App and Register for a free account. Also, you can get more information from Paying for Goods and Services using EasyPay Mobile Wallet

  1. Click the Wallet icon to reveal the right panel menu and select send money.


Fig. 2

Step 1 – Fill in Phone number

  • Phone – Please enter the phone number. You can also send to merchant codes(6digits) or QR codes. Just tap the red plus icon on the bottom right to reveal more options.

When sending money to some one in another country please be sure to prepend the country code on the number eg if sending to kenya, you number should start with 2547…etc

  • Amount – Input the amount you would like to send. The next step will verify if that account actually exists and if you have sufficient balance.

Fig. 3

Step 2 – Confirm Transfer

  • PIN – Please enter your security PIN to confirm transfer. 
  • Reason – Reason for sending money is optional but can be useful in some situations especially for book keeping.

Tap Yes and you are done. an email and sms will be sent to the recipient. Incase you want to see the transfer charge tiers, tap on charge and a table will be revealed.

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