Topup using our Easypay Official Agents

Fig. 1

Easypay Official Agents

If you haven’t done so already, Get the Easypay App and Register for a free account.

For all methods of topping up your wallet, check How do i topup / refill my account?

The Easypay agent locator provides the nearest agents near you. It provides a panoramic streetview to help you find the nearest agent without actually stepping foot out of the house.

Once at the agents, provide them with cash and they will send you the equivalent in easypay money.  It somewhat a similar concept to how mobile money agents work.

Will they have float?

Agents listed here are checked in realtime to ensure they have float. Agents without float are not listed and that saves you a wasted journey.

Fig. 2

 Panoramic View – Find places Quicker

Easypay Agent locator provides a 360 degree panoramic view of agent location to help you identify agent without stepping a foot out of the house. It can also help you plan your journey by plotting the quickest route to the nearest agent.





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