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Setup crowdfunding cause In Easypay, Crowdfunding is also known as a cause and is the process of getting a large crowd of people to donate a small amount of money to invest in an idea or product. The idea can be anything, like business, medical emergency, wedding meetings etc. The key is engage people in your idea, be able to convince them to invest a small amount of money for a small reward, and then get them to share the project with others. The best crowdfunding projects get people talking about them and the donations follow on.

Crowdfunding is not new, war memorials, plaques and benches have been funded by small donations from communities for centuries. But the way that social media has developed provides the perfect conditions for crowdfunding as a fundraising tool to flourish. For a brief introduction to what crowdfunding is refer to this article; Crowdfunding – What is crowdfunding and how does it work in Uganda

Here is how to get started…..

Setup crowdfunding cause

  1. Pick your cause.

A crowdfunding cause/project needs to be specific with a clear outcome. This could be launching a new service, creating a new product or holding an event. It should also be time limited.

  1. Write your budget and set a realistic funding target.

You need to be clear about how much money you need and how you are going to spend it or where it is going to go. Besides asking for funds, you can also ask people to donate time and skills towards your cause.

  1. Make your idea enticing.

In order to get attention of potential donors, you will need a short video explaining what your cause/project is, what you need the money for and what difference you will make.  You may also need some images related to your idea.

  1. Contact Easypay.

After setting your cause/project, you will have to contact Easypay for approval. Once your project is approved by an Easypay administrator, it will then be set live on the Easypay platform for you to start receiving donations.

  1. Start your campaign.

You will need a coordinated online cause/project to get people to your crowdfunding page and donating i.e. create a link for your project and share it. Invite your community through emails and also social media to back your cause.

  1. Keep in touch.

Keep your supporters updated about the progress of the project and how close you are to the target and there is a good chance they will share the news. Thank them when they donate.

How to add a cause / project on the Easypay crowdfunding platform

how to setup crowdfunding cause step 1
how to setup crowdfunding cause step 1
  1.  Log into your Easypay account, on the home screen tap on the causes’ button. A project panel will be displayed as shown by the figure.
  2.  Tap on the “+” icon on the top right section of the screen as shown by the screen shot.
Add a new crowdfunding cause
Add a new crowdfunding cause

Add a new crowdfunding cause

Fill in the following section as explained below;

  1. Title:It is a short description of your cause for example Safe water for school children in rural areas.
  2. Description: This is a detailed explanation of the project. You are limited to 1000 characters.
  3. Company name: You are required to provide the name of the company organizing the project.
  4. Company website: The website your company uses if any.
  5. Company contacts: Contact information of the project organizer.
  6. Project category: Easypay provides different types of projects and these include; Arts and craft, Business startups, Church contributions, Film and video, Funeral fundraising, Medical emergency, Music, Science and Technology,Wedding meetings
Setup Project / cause goals
Setup Project / cause goals

Setup Project / cause goals

  1. Period of time: Please select how long you would like your project to take. The project will only be viewable and accept donations during this time period.
  2. Amount: You will fill in your target amount then tap finish and you will be done.

After providing all the above information, your project will be saved but will not yet be approved. To approve a project, Add a photo and then contact Easypay and we shall walk you through the process of going live.

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