Promote crowdfunding project / cause – The right way

Promote crowdfunding project
Promote crowdfunding project

Promote crowdfunding project

Promote crowdfunding project – If you are running your own crowdfunding campaign then you know just how important, and challenging, it is to find audience, promote your product and drive action. In order to draw attention to your project you will need to get users to actively share, discuss and socially engage with your campaign. The following are ways through which you can promote your crowdfunding campaign;

  1. Promote crowdfunding project within Easypay – Easypay comes with a “promote” feature that allows you to pay for unique clicks on your advertised project. A promoted project gets more visibility and real estate within the Easypay network. You can read more on how to promote crowdfunding project below.
  2. Through your website By far the best website to promote your crowdfunding project is your own. It is extremely easy to put together a simple website with a home page and a blog. You can post a lot of content about your project, post to your blog once a week for a couple of months and then you will start seeing people come to your site to donate.
  3. Social media platforms
    Social media is the place to promote your project or to promote just about anything. After creating a project, share your project link to Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus etc. This will get you the traffic that you need for your crowdfunding. People who click your shared link will be taken to your payment page where they can donate.
  4. Offline ways Some of your best crowdfunding campaign promotion will happen offline. It’s the face to face interactions that will give the people confidence and trust in your cause to fully support it online for instance a pre-launch party, it doesn’t have to be an expensive event, tell people about your cause and how it matters to the community.
  5. Use local news to support your crowdfunding project One of the most powerful places to find offline support for your crowdfunding project is your local news and public access shows. These are obviously going to be much easier to get on than larger national shows but can be the stepping stone to taking your campaign viral.
  6. Finally, you need to promote your crowdfunding campaign out to as many places as possible to reach as many people as possible.

Promote crowdfunding project within Easypay

Promote crowdfunding project
Promote crowdfunding project
If you haven’t done so already,

  1. Get the Easypay App
  2. Register for a free account
  3. Create a crowdfunding cause or project

Go to Causes

  1. On the home screen tap the “Causes” button to access the projects under crowdfunding.
  2. Once in projects, tap on “my projects” button to select your project.
  3. At the bottom left corner of the page you will see a blue button with the word promote as shown by the screen shot.
Promote Crowdfunding Project - Buy Featured clicks
Promote Crowdfunding Project – Buy Featured clicks

A featured click is also called a unique click.

A unique click signifies the number of individual users who clicked a link regardless of how many times they clicked it within a certain period of time. Each featured click costs UGX 100.

  1. Amount: Enter the amount that you would like to use to purchase the unique/featured clicks. It costs 100ugx per unique click.
  2. Pin: Enter your Easypay pin and tap finish.

By buying unique/featured clicks, your project will be given more exposure than free projects and this will help you reach your target amount before the deadline.

You are also given project statics as shown in the screenshot to help you know and manage better your promoted project.


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