Prohibited crowdfunding causes or projects on Easypay Platform

prohibited crowdfunding causes
prohibited crowdfunding causes

Prohibited crowdfunding causes – Easypay does not support causes or projects that are not in the best interests of the public. The following are therefore the projects / causes that are prohibited by Easypay;

Prohibited crowdfunding causes

1. Any Cause or project that includes materials including racism, sexism, use of hurtful
language and violent material.
2. Any Cause in support of the mistreatment of wildlife or animals.
3. Sexually explicit or adult material, services or products and any type of Adult or child
pornography or material relating to the adult or child pornography industry.
4. Causes in support of the purchase, transfer, or exchange of weapons of any kind
including guns, knives, explosives, ammunition, rebel organizations, militias, gangs, or
any organized violence against anyone or any government including the funding or
planning of an assassination.
5. The use of inflammatory or accusatory statements against anyone which include
false, misleading or dishonest statements.
6. Promotion of adult or underage consumption or abuse of alcohol, tobacco, narcotic
drugs, use of marijuana, non-prescribed drugs or other banned drugs.
7. Any Cause that includes photos or descriptions which include graphic content of
injuries or procedures, non-medical or procedures conducted outside of an accredited
medical institution.
8. Directly funding an abortion
9. Any Cause to promote suicide or assisted suicide even if legal in the state where the
Cause is promoted.
10. Any defense of formal charges or claims of crimes, hateful, violent or discriminatory
acts by anyone including but not limited to hate groups or terrorist organizations and
any treasonous behavior.
11. Anything involving exchange of unrecognized crypto currencies.

NOTE: Causes prohibited are not limited to this list.
If the Easypay team decides the Cause is not in the best interest of the Public, Easypay
in its sole and absolute discretion shall prohibit the proposed Cause.

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