Pay bills from abroad – Diaspora Users

Pay bills from abroad - Diaspora Users
Pay bills from abroad – Diaspora Users

There was a time when paying bills from abroad needed a lot of paper work, foreign exchange fees and lots of your time. These days, with Easypay mobile wallet, you can pay your bills back in the supported countries with just a few clicks from right where you are.

How to pay bills from abroad – diaspora users.

Easypay allows for people in the diaspora to pay their bills back in the supported countries but this is possible with card payments. We currently support all major credit and debit cards for example Visa, MasterCard, discovery and verve cards.


The following are steps to pay bills from the diaspora;

  1. First of all, you will need to download the Easypay mobile wallet app and once you have the app the next step will be to register for an Easypay account.


  1. Refill your account using your card, we support all the major credit and debit card providers. We support Visa, Mastercard, discovery, verve cards to mention a few.
  2. Pay bill as you would normally, Forex conversion will be done and displayed to you on the fly.

So what is the difference?

  1. Forex charges will be applied when paying the bill i.e your supported currency will be converted to destination currency.

What information will you need to pay your bills from the diaspora?

  1. Account number of the bill you want to pay like NWSC account number.
  2. Phone number where an electronic receipt will be sent confirming the bill payment or transaction made.
  3. Amount that you would like to pay.

Pros and cons of paying bills by Easypay from the diaspora users.


  1. Easypay is quick and easy to use particularly if you already have an Easypay account.
  2. It’s convenient that is, you pay your bills from the comfort of your home or anywhere on your smartphone.


  1. Fees apply. Easypay does charge a minimal fee for the transaction.

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  1. freddiekisambu

    Hello, I have downloaded the app and am trying to register with my phone number but the country code defaults to 41 as opposed to 44 where I am. Can you please check this? Thanks

    1. Easypay Moderator

      This issue will be fully addressed in next version of app. To work around it write your phone number including country code eg 4479….

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