What is e-Ticketing and how does it work?

What is e-Ticketing?

E-Ticketing is the process of selling tickets to events to the end users through  the web or app. An e-Ticket is an electronic equivalent of a paper ticket. It offers a wider range of solutions to problems faced by traditional paper tickets.

Easypay provides a platform for event organizers to sell tickets for their events (music concerts, sports events, cinema etc). It also provides a platform for customers to find close by events and purchase tickets securely using mobile money or Visa.

Benefits of e-Ticketing

  1. Convenience: Just order one from the comfort of your phone.
  2. Refundable; You can cancel purchased tickets and have your money refunded in real time.
  3. Secure: They cannot be duplicated and can only be used once.
  4. Reconciliation for event organizers is a breeze; it cuts out malpractice within the whole distribution process.
  5. Free to create; no need to get them created in another country in effort to make them duplication proof.
  6. Recoverable: Unlike paper tickets, e-tickets cannot be lost or stolen as they reside on a server and can be recovered.
  7. Eco-Friendly: e-Tickets are environmentally friendly since no trees are cut down to create them.
  8. Maps: Never get lost again. A map is attached to every event giving you precise directions in real-time to find your event.
  9. No Ticket resale (also known as ticket scalping or ticket touting) .

How does it work?

I could not find a better way to explain this than by using the infographic below; The process is straight forward.

how e-ticketing works on easypay
how e-ticketing works on easypay

Requirements for Event Approval

We need a valid MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the event organizer and Payline Holdings Ltd. It would be advisable to contact us immediately after creating the event. Your event will not be viewable to others until Payline Holdings Ltd has approved it.

Create Event

The Easypay platform provides an easy to use interface for buyers to find your events and buy tickets accordingly. Creating an event is a simple straight forward process. check out How do i create events online and sell tickets to events in Uganda. The complete guide to a successful event.


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