Create Event – Sell tickets online in Uganda

Create Event – Sell tickets online in Uganda; This guide will walk you through the process of creating events and selling e-tickets (tickets) online using the Easypay Platform.

How to sell tickets online to your events; In order to start selling e-tickets or electronic tickets to your special event, you will have to create an event. An event on easypay is a planned public or social occasion. An event is in most cases a music concert, theater show or sports event.

Events are broken down into;

  1. Description of event.
  2. Time of event.
  3. Maps that guide users to the location of event.
  4. Tickets that give you admission to the desired event.

Easypay makes it easy for ticket buyers to find and purchase e-tickets (tickets) to your events. It also helps guide them to the event in real-time. To understand how it works, you can read more on What is e-Ticketing and how does it work?

Creating the Event

Create Event - Sell tickets
Create Event – Sell tickets
If you haven’t done so already, Get the Easypay App and Register for a free account.

Go to Events

  1. On the home screen click/tap the “Tickets” button to access the events on Easypay.
  2. Tap the ‘+’ icon on the top right section as indicated by the screenshot to create a new event.
Create Event. Step 1

Fig. 2

Step 1. Create Event

Please fill in the following fields as explained below;

  1. Title: The title is a short but meaningful description of event e.g Buzz teen awards concert 2017
  2. Description: The description is a detailed explanation of the event. You are limited to 500 characters so try to be as brief and precise.
  3. Contacts: This is the contact information of the event organizer and is view-able to the public.
  4. Event Category: Easypay offers the following types of events;
    • Music
    • Sports
    • Arts & Theater
    • Family
    • Corporate Event
    • Trade Shows
    • Networking Events
    • Theme Parties
    • VIP Events
    • Weddings
    • Birthdays
    • Wedding Anniversaries
    • Executive Retreats
  5. Maps: Incase you would like to show the event location on a map that can guide your users to event.
Create Event Set Event Location
Step 2. Event Location

Step 2. Event Location

You can skip this step if you did not enable show map location in the previous step.

Please drag the map marker to the precise location of the event. You can zoom in or out to get more accurate results.

Once done, Click next to set the event period.

Step 3. Set Event Period

Step 3. Set Event Period

Start time is the time the event starts.

End time is the time the event ends.

Create Ticket

Step 4. Create Tickets

At this point, You create the different ticket types;

  • Name: The name of the ticket type eg normal or vip or vvip or early birds.
  • Amount: This is how much the ticket will cost.
  • Tickets: This is the number of tickets that will be available for that type. If this number is reached, customers will not be able to purchase that ticket type anymore.

Easypay charges a standard of 10% of all purchased tickets. This amount is negotiable and an agreement should be reached before the event is approved and set as live.

Step 5. Upload Event Banner
Step 5. Upload Event Banner

Step 5. Upload Event Banner

You’re almost done! Just upload the event banner here and click next. Your event has now been saved but is not live.

Requirements for Event Approval

We need a valid MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the event organizer and Payline Holdings Ltd. It would be advisable to contact us immediately after creating the event. You event will not be viewable to others until Payline Holdings Ltd has approved it.


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