Bulk Payments – What are they and how do they work?

bulk payments
bulk payments uganda

Easypay Bulk Payments is a simple and cheaper way to send money for regular payments (e.g; salaries etc) to multiple recipients. Instead of charging each transaction at normal transfer rates, we combine all payments into a single payment and charge a very small charge.

Requirements for Bulk Payments

  1. The beneficiaries or people you are sending money to must exist on the Easypay platform. This is because of the following reasons;
    • Lower transaction cost.
    • They can still send out to mobile money and further on to bank from within Easypay. The charge will be pushed to them for sending to mobile money.
    • Easypay accounts are not dependant on networks/banks so any enabled phone number can work.

Benefits of Easypay Bulk Payments



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