EasyPay – What it is and Why use it? The advantages

EasyPay - What it is and Why use it? The advantages
EasyPay – What it is and Why use it? The advantages

EasyPay is a mobile wallet that offers simple and easy mobile money transfer to your friends, family and loved ones in Uganda both locally and internationally at the lowest rates in the market. Sending money back home from any country in the world via your mobile device has never been easier.

Advantages of Using EasyPay

Established in 2016, EasyPay bridges the gap between individuals, merchants, and companies in Uganda by making online payments simple and affordable. With EasyPay, you do not have to worry about what currency, network or financial institution you or your loved ones are using when making transactions. Our technology does the hard work for you with a state-of-the-art security system that ensures a smooth transaction from the pre-payment to the pay-out process.

As a full-fledged mobile wallet, EasyPay makes it easy to send money to family and friends in Uganda from anywhere in the world, pay utility bills, process bulk payments, buy and sell event tickets and much more. You can use EasyPay even when traditional financial institutions are closed like during the weekends or public holidays. Since EasyPay is not a traditional bank, you get low-cost fees, instantaneous transfers, and real-time exchange rates.

EasyPay is not limited to any network and can perform seamlessly irrespective of the network you or the receiver use. The EasyPay mobile wallet is available on all major mobile platforms including:



Web app

In Uganda, we can be accessed using our dedicated USSD short code (*270*26#).

EasyPay also offers a simple to use API for third-party users and a WordPress/Woocommerce plugin for e-commerce stores to collect payments. We support all the mobile money platforms in Uganda and VISA.

What Can EasyPay be Used For?

EasyPay embodies convenience at a fundamental level by making it as easy and affordable as possible to send and receive money and pay bills in Uganda. The EasyPay mobile wallet app can also be used for the following:

1. Paying Bills

Using the Easypay wallet, you can buy airtime, purchase internet bundles, renew your digital TV subscription and pay your Utilities (Yaka, NWSC, Umeme Postpaid and much more).

2. Lending and Borrowing Money

You can borrow money securely and even earn commissions using the Easy Lend feature and pay for bills, utilities, and other services on the Easypay Wallet.

2. Managing Bulk Payments

EasyPay wallet users can disburse funds to multiple recipients at the click of a button. Perfect for salary processing, allowance payments, supplier payments and much more.

3. Ticketing Solution

The EasyPay wallet is an all in one ticketing solution for concerts, sports, and social events. Users can purchase event tickets easily and securely from their mobile phone or through our web interface.

4. Accessing Crowdfunding

The EasyPay wallet makes it easy to access micro-donations across the globe using the EasyPay Fund service. Simply create a project on EasyPay Fund and see your idea come to life from.

The EasyPay API

One of the major advantages of the EasyPay mobile wallet is its independent, easy-to-use and unified API (Application Programming Interface) which simplifies the process of connecting multiple application and services so users can send and receive regardless of what network they use.

The EasyPay API provides a unified network independent mobile wallet interface for merging other existing systems and applications to process payments instantaneously.


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