Easypay version 3.5.2 – Introducing Card Payments reloaded.

It has been a constant question, when will you have VISA added to Easypay? We are proud to announce  a smoother, more secure VISA experience. This was only possible with our partnership with flutterwave. We currently support all major credit and debit cards e.g Visa, mastercard, discovery and Verve cards.

So what is possible?

  1. Remittance: Now members in diaspora can refill their easypay wallets using their cards and send money directly to members in supported countries. The money can then be forwarded to mobile money accounts at the cheapest rates in the market.
  2. Crowdfunding: Now you will be able to create your crowdfunding campaigns and share links with your followers online and still receive donations through VISA etc.
  3. Ticketing: You can now purchase tickets for your favorite events using Easypay.
  4. API Extension – Our API was mostly mobile money in and out. Now with this version of Easypay, you will be able to accept VISA payments within your systems simply by being a member.



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