Selling tickets online for Joss Stone Concert, our first gig - What we learnt

E-ticketing in Uganda and how to get started on Easypay.


  1. What is e-ticketing.
  2. Benefits of e-ticketing.
  3. How to create an event.
  4. Requirements for event approval.
  5. How to promote an event.
  6. How to buy an e-ticket on Easypay.
  7. How to cancel an e-ticket and get a refund.
  8. Reconciliation.


What is e-ticketing? 

E-ticketing is the process of selling tickets to events to end users through the web or the app for instance the Easypay mobile wallet. E-tickets are so much easier to access than buying or selling physical tickets. It offers a wider range of solutions to problems faced by paper tickets.

If you are an organizer who is not already using our Easypay wallet app head over to the ios or android app store and try it out. Once you have the app the next step will be to register .

Benefits of e-ticketing.

E-ticketing on Easypay has got various benefits which include convenience, refundable, secure, free to create, easy  reconciliation, Eco friendly, recoverable, no ticket resale and also a map is attached to every event on our platform. Ref

How to create an event. 

The Easypay platform provides an easy interface for buyers to find your events and buy tickets accordingly. Creating an event is a simple straight forward process. Refer to :

Requirements for event approval.

We need a valid Memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the event organizer and Payline holdings. So contact Easypay immediately after creating your event for your event to be set live.

How to promote an event.

After creating an event and it has been set live, the next step will be to promote and get ticket buyers.  Promoting an event gives it more exposure hence more ticket sales. Learn more

How to buy e-tickets.

Easypay provides a secure platform for e-ticketing which enables buyers to purchase e-tickets to their events easily. Refer to :

How to cancel an e-ticket and get a refund.

Sometimes you could have bought a wrong ticket or changed your mind about attending an event. With e-ticketing on Easypay, you are free to cancel your e-ticket and get a refund,but an e-ticket can only be refunded in the first 24 hours of purchase. Refer to


The event organizer will have a detailed report to show total tickets purchased and total amount that can be cashed out in real-time if need be.

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