What is e-Ticketing and how does it work?

What is e-Ticketing? E-Ticketing is the process of selling tickets to events to the end users through  the web or app. An e-Ticket is an electronic equivalent of a paper ticket. It offers a wider range of solutions to problems faced by traditional paper tickets. Easypay provides a platform for […]

How do i get the Easypay App?

The Easypay mobile app supports the android and ios platform. Incase you do not have any of these, you can use the web browser version(html5). Google Playstore  Apple Appstore Web browser App Once you have access to the app, the next step is to register.  

How do i view and withdraw my commissions?

Fig. 1 My Commissions If you haven’t done so already, Get the Easypay App and Register for a free account. In Easypay, you receive your commissions in real time and are free to withdraw them at any time. Tap the wallet button (first button) on the home screen to reveal the wallet […]