EasyPay is a mobile wallet developed by Payline Holdings Ltd. It was founded in 2016 with the aim of helping you/your business make online payments with simplicity and at lower costs. We elegantly bridge the gap between the consumers and suppliers.

What you can do with it

  1. Send or receive money at lower transaction charges.
  2. Pay all the utility bills.
  3. Event Management and e-Ticketing.
  4. Process bulk payments like salary payments.
  5. Collecting money for your causes/startups from your followers.
  6. Allow any internet enabled device/system to process payments securely and instantly.

Who we are

Payline Holdings is one of Uganda’s leading and advanced providers of Online Payment Solutions. Payline Holdings brings together more than 20 years of rich industry experience extrapolating its flexible and entrepreneurial services to clients.

We are passionate about client satisfaction, which underpins our delivery framework to provide the highest quality in technology service


To Lower Costs: You can benefit from lower transaction costs when sending/receiving money. Merchants can replace expensive POS (point of sale) systems and manage their business via their phones from wherever.

Better User Experience: You should not have to worry about what currency, network (telecom) or financial institution you or your supplier is using when making transactions. The technology should do the hard work not you.

Bridge the gap:  We needed to shorten the journey between you and service providers. Perform all kinds of electronic transactions from one place, your phone.

The Confusion in Payments: You could easily get confused with the different payment options offered by telecoms and financial institutions. There was a need for a harmonious “all in one” solution to electronic transactions.

Within five years, half of today’s smartphone users will be using their phones and mobile wallets as their preferred method for payments.

How we did it


Simplify e-Commerce in Uganda and ultimately Africa by being Mobile Payment Agnostic


To serve both Businesses and Individuals in their specific needs.


To expand, modernize and harmonize existing payment options


To solve existing problems with payments in custom sectors like crowdfunding, peer to peer lending and event management.