EasyPay is a smartphone and web based digital wallet that helps you make electronic commerce transactions with utmost convenience. These include paying bills, paying for goods and services.
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core features
Pay Bills
Buy Airtime, purchase internet bundles, renew your digital TV subscription and pay your Utilities (Yaka, NWSC, Umeme Postpaid etc) using the Easypay Wallet
Have a brilliant idea that requires capital investment to move to the next level – Simply create a project on Easypay Fund and see your idea come to life from micro-donations across the globe.
Bulk Payments
Bulk payments feature enables you to disburse funds to multiple recipients at the click of a button. This service can be used for salary processing, payment for allowances (seminars, conferences, sales teams etc) and supplier payments amongst others.
Ticketing Solution
All in one ticketing solution for concerts, sports and upcoming events. Purchase tickets securely and at your convenience from your mobile phone or through our web interface.
Lend and Borrow Money
Customers can borrow money to pay for bills and utilities such as Yaka, Airtime, purchase tickets, and all other services on the Easypay Wallet. The Easy lend feature enables you to lend money securely and earn commission.
Download Uganda’s own most popular card game – Matatu Champions through the Easypay Wallet. Earn real cash on winnings made when you play the Matatu Champions game .
extra features
Easypay is a full fledged digital wallet
Easy Topup
Realtime top-up of your Easypay wallet from your VISA, MTN Mobile and Airtel Money Accounts.
Send Money
Make instant and secure payments to merchants and customers registered with the easypay wallet.
EasyPay is not limited to networks, so performing cross network transactions is a breeze.
Your important personal information is encrypted and protected using the same industry-leading technology that banks use.
Getting Started
Download Matatu Champions on your android device and sign in using your Easypay phone and pin. If you do not have an Easypay account you can create one first. That is it, you are ready!
How do i topup my Account?
Matatu champions uses the same balance as your Easypay account. Easypay supports Visa, MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money. You can also topup from within Matatu Champions.
How do i get my winnings?
You can payout your winnings to your Airtel or MTN Money accounts. You could also leave your payout within Easypay and use it to pay for bills or other services.
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 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all aswers here if you need them

Registering for Easypay is easy and free!
For detailed instructions on how to register for an easypay account. Follow the Account Registration Tutorial

Easypay accepts international phone numbers without the ‘+’ . We accept numbers with country code eg in Uganda a person with number 0789650932 should add his number as 256789650932. This format is respected and used throughout the whole system.

Sometimes you may forget your PIN and after numerous failed attempts, your account may be blocked. Fortunately, account recovery is a simple process. Follow these instructions to recover your account.